Tuesday, April 14, 2015


National Equal Pay Day!

Here is to the women that pursue leadership roles in the workforce. I do support women in gaining gender equality. Why would you not? Seriously though our country would be so much more advanced than it is now. The stereotypes will die down and everyone will have a better understanding of respect. I respect my mother, fiancee and future mother-in-law and support them to succeed. Young men are taught to be leaders. It is okay for a boy to be ambitious, but as soon as a girl shows leadership it less excepting. Why? The United States has broken many glass ceilings, but I feel that soon one more will break and I will be happy to raise a family and daughter under those circumstances. (No mom we're not pregnant)

Facebook's COO, Sheryl Sandberg has took action by writing the book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. It has moved myself and many more to do their part in the homes and work place to split the responsibilities 50/50.

Sheryl has also partnered with the NBA to help this movement 


10 Ways Your Trainer Makes You React Like Kevin Hart

I have been trying to get into "Wedding/Beach Body" shape. Remember a couple of blogs before about the standards Kaitlyn and I have set for each other... Yeah I have further to go than she does.

So I reached out for help from Landry Hammond (in the pic below)

First of all, she is a monster! She about kills me every time I workout, and this post is dedicated to Lanham and the faces I make during the workout.

When she shows me the 16 minute circuit workout she wants me to do and the right technique. You want me to do all of that????

When she uses terms "Hollow Out" and  "Air Squat". Air squat? You want me to squat air? 

And when all the weight your lifting is 15 lbs or less. You think this is going to be an easy workout.

But then after after 300 jump ropes, 20 sit-ups with 15 lbs medicine ball, 15 rows with 15 lbs bells, and 10 push ups. Repeat 5x in 16 minutes.

After the third cycle you want to yell.

Sweating so hard you're worried about looking like a fool.

Last set of push-ups and you're telling yourself to power through it!

Finished the workout and feel like a million bucks.

But then LanHam says she wants you to do a 2 minute side plank, and I'm like >>

Finally the workout is done you just want to get breakfast and dance in the mirror like Kevin.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Things BIG effects

Recently I've been getting in trouble with communication with Kaitlyn (my fiancee). What the heck Danny you just talked about communication, don't you have it down? - Eh, I know what I'm expected to do, applying it sometimes is difficult.
It started out with having plans one night, however a friend called and invited me to go out to a OKC Thunder game sitting in suites club section. 1) I am a huge Thunder fanatic 2) It was a free ticket 3) I've never been in club. They have free food and soda beverages. So what I did next was good. I called Kaitlyn for permission to go to the game. It was difficult to ask, because we hardly have an quality time during the week.

[Her schedule starts at 5:30am - getting ready for work. Goes to internship from 7am-12pm. Then she heads to class. After class she either puts in a few more hours at her internship or goes home to study and wedding plan]

[I don't start getting ready till 7:30. I have classes from 9am to 12:15. I go home and get ready for work from 3pm to 8pm. By the time I get back into Edmond Kaitlyn is already getting ready for bed at her house, so I don't both going over] Our quality time usually comes on weekends.

Expecting to see each other and breaking that news to her was tough, but I am lucky enough to have an understanding lady who also wants me to have fun and be happy. I promised I would text her when I got there, some during the game and when I got home. I did well until I didn't text her when I got home. The next morning I knew I was in trouble again when I was municipal court doing some observation for a experience research paper. In the court house it is highly frowned upon to have you phone out and if it goes off I believe it is a $100+ fine. So guess who didn't text Kaitlyn good morning, sorry about last night, I am at family court I can't talk right now, HEY I AM ALIVE DON"T CALL THE COPS. When I left the court house my phone had a few messages, snapchats and a missed phone call.

By now if you are a guy you are probably thinking, she's a girl and she will get over it.
If you are a girl you are thinking that I'm dumb for not telling Kaitlyn that I made it home, good morning and I can't talk for a few hours I am at court. So simple. Just do it. She probably was worried and thought you died.

Advice passed to me that I will pass to you:
The little things in life play in big ways.

In life you are always doing one of two things. Attributing to life giving words (actions) or attributing to life taking words (actions). Or how my football use to say, you are either getting better or worst there is no stagnant.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Many Faces of Westbrook

Russ Russ Russ, we all saw or at least heard of what game he had last night wearing that mask!  I also caught some poorly "Executed" photoshop masks people created for Russie.

Like this one. What's more intimidating than the Phantom of the Opera? A hell of a lot of things. This one was just nonsense to me.

A spartan was a good thought! But when I think of this helmet and Spartans I think of the movie 300, and in that movie I remember them yelling while they kick people into huge holes. This mask would have been cool on the picture above.

This mask has already been used on other NBA players like LBJ. Let's be more original.

This was one of my favorites. I feel that Russ is a Warrior!

So having seen these I took it upon myself to create some new masks for Westbrook using my iPhone and whatever free apps I found to help me.

I give you Robo Westbrook, blowing smoke off of those 3pt. caliber hands.
Showing up to the game in an incognito Flash mask. I know we saw this play where he takes it coast to coast and puts it down. Yeah that's a Flash play or just a Russ play.

Then there's the Venom Mask, BEACAUSE HE'S SO DEADLY! Enough said.

This kid took me out of my original creative thoughts and I came up with the next Westbrook.

Paper Plate Russell. While James Harden eats from an indivisible plate in the air, Russie Russ wear's his plate on his face. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shhh Girl: Come Here

"Time to eat children!"
"S*** a hole in my yoga pants :( in the butt. Are they still wearable?!"
"Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog."

Commas are important. 

Time to eat, children!
S***, a hole in my yoga pants :( in the butt. Are they still wearable?!
Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking, her family, and her dog.

This has very little, to nothing, to do with my post.

Last summer I took an Interpersonal Communication class that helped me understand relationships better and allowed me to understand how to effectively communicate with women. More specifically, how to communicate with my significant other.

- process of acting on information

Human Communication
- process of making sense of the world, and sharing that with other by creating meaning through nonverbal and verbal messages.

Interpersonal Communication
- distinctive transactional form of human communication -- mutually influential for purpose of managing relationships.

This seems pretty simple, right? Well, what makes the message confusing or misinterpreted? Everything!

First example, let's say the Source is a male, we will call him Brandon and the Receiver is also a male, but his name is Esteban. Their goal is to properly fold a towel. Brandon and Esteban more than likely experienced life, culture, and language differently. Brandon's mom showed him how to tri-fold towels and that's what he's done since he was young. Esteban hated putting up laundry, because he was always in a hurry to go out in play so he just folded the towel in the conventional square. So what Brandon tries to communicate is arbitrary and probably has different meaning to Esteban. It would be easy to conclude that these two would be in a disagreement after their conversation, because of their different background and thoughts.

So which one is right? Reality to one person isn't reality to the next. Reality is what you experience and what you experience isn't the same throughout each person.

Physical Experiences (5 senses): 
Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Feeling, Smelling
Weather Climate

Emotional Experiences:
Source encodes message in a channel of face to face, electronically or nonverbal. Then the message is decoded by the receiver, then the receiver responds with feedback (essentially becomes a new source). The noise is all the distractions, internally (not focused, multitasking) and externally (TV on, sidebar listening to someone else, kids yelling). 

So fellas, universally we are pretty similar. According to Men's Magazine our Top 5 favorite topics are: 1) Sex. 2) Romantic Fantasies. 3) Hobbies/ General Interest. 4) Hopes and Aspirations 5) Music. Pretty accurate. So as long as we talk to only guys we're in good hands.

What about women? The whole experience = reality thing, yeah that applies to them too. And we have no idea what goes on in their head. Women's Top 5 favorite topics are: 1) Hopes and Aspirations. 2) Hobbies/ Interest in General. 3) Music. 4) Dreams. 5) Sex. That's practically the opposite from what we're use to as guys. This diagram below is how I feel talking to girls. Everything has different meaning which makes it noise.
Tips for effective communication:
- "You should have already known, I don't need to tell you." Guys, we've all heard this a few times. Ladies remember the whole experience is reality? That's your reality and I know us guys seem to read minds but truth be told we don't so communicate with us.

- So guys! When your significant other is talking, you better be listening. Because once they tell us (insert important topic) and you say, "Uh huh, okay." I forgot, I didn't know, I didn't hear that is the most invalid argument to stand behind and you might as well grab the throw cover that doesn't reach your feet and head to the couch.

- Be able to share reciprocal interest/ hobbies (Nonsexual. Stupid I even have to say that). If that isn't going well then it's probably not going to work out. It's important to experience life together, that's when important communication occurs.

-  Guys want to turn your girl on? Listen! Turn off ESPN sit down for some quality time and...... wait for it.... respond with empathy, not a solution. Boom! This could be the biggest finding on earth next to America.

- Guys, when we have issues we tend to examine it like a math problem. Add or subtract certain thing or person to obtain the best possible out come. We are the problem solvers. When girls have an issues (whether it be a school, work, or car issue) unless they say, "How do I fix this?"  They don't want you to solve the problem. Yeah, I was confused too when I first heard that. I will repeat it. When a girl comes to you upset about something and you are doing the right thing and effectively listening, DO NOT RESPOND WITH A SOLUTION. Refer to the previous bullet. 1. Listen. 2. Show Empathy. 3. DO NOT GIVE A SOLUTION. 4. Hug her. At this time she will melt in your arms from anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. It might be fourth quarter in the semi-finals of the playoffs and Thunder maybe down by 5 and Kevin Durant has a hot hand; However, you should stay put and stay calm.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Honeymoon Challenge

Have you ever made a new years resolution that you'll workout more frequently or that at the beginning of this year you'll lose that flabby stuff? By the end of February, if you made that far, you've given up. This is nothing like that!

Okay so my fiancee and I challenge each other constantly to be better physically and spiritually. A few months back we thought it'd be fun to set challenging expectations for one another for the wedding day/honeymoon. They may sound surface level for someone just reading this, however I assure you, meh they maybe, but not completely.

So you want to know what she asked of me?

To have a six pack of abs by the wedding day.


I know what's going through your head, yeah yeah shut up. But do you know how difficult it is to get abs? If you're a twig not very. It's something you can't buy, there's no sort of "magic pill".

Instead, I have been enhancing my daily lifestyle habits that I will continue to work on and develop. A helpful post she sent me was "Get Fit: 44 Small Changes That Impact Your Health In Big Ways". 

When she set that challenge for me it wasn't selfishly for her. It was for me, so I could be healthier. She loves me without the abs already, but I would sure like them too.


44 Small Changes list, check out the link above for a more in-depth description and example for each point below.      (*= Controlled, **= Working progress)

1. Prioritize* 
2. Make a schedule* 
3. Include interval cardio workouts*
4. Weight training*
5. Consume only real food*
6. No fad diets*
7. Start off your morning with a cup of hot water and lemon
8. Never skip breakfast
9. Smoothies for breakfast
10. Eliminate dairy**
11. Limit your drinking*
12. Try meatless Mondays
13. Eat at the dinner table
14. Try vegan desserts
15. Create muscle confusion*
16. Be motivated*
17. Meal Prep
18. See the doctor regularly*
19. Spend some time relaxing, too*
20. Work out with a partner or take a fitness class
21. Portion control
22. Infused water
23. Confidence*
24. Eat food for its real purpose*
25. Detox Tea
26. Healthy protein* 
27. Eliminate red meat**
28. Choose fish
29. More meals
30. Do not eat two hours before bed**
31. Let go of eggs**
32. Choose brown rice
33. Make vegetable pasta
34. Drink green tea
35. Eat ginger
36. Be aware of when you're hungry and when you're just bored*
37. More sleep**
38. Be aware of ingredients in the food you're eating*
39. Let go of soda*
40. Incorporate coconut oil
41. Use natural sweeteners**
42. Try juicing**
43. Find a workout that you think is fun**
44. Don't give up!** 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Barry Sanders. If you're a fan of the game of football you know the name. Shifty, illusive, and selfless are just few additives to describe the former OSU Cowboy and Detroit Lion.  

  • Heisman Trophy winner of 1988
  • NFL Honors - AP Offensive Rookie of the year 1989
  • AP NFL Offensive player of the year award 1994, 1997
  • Best NFL Player ESPY award 1995, 1998
  • Most Valuable Player award 1997
  • Hall of Fame induction in 2004
He had 49 combined receiving and rushing touchdowns in college, 109 combined TD's in the NFL and ran the ball over to the ref every single time as a celebration. 

Barry certainly acts like he's been to the endzone.

He continues this into the NFL however I couldn't find a highlight tape specifically on his humble moments. Watching the many highlight videos on youtube I did catch Barry help hydrate others by handing out several gatorade cups to his teammates. 

Be great! Be humble! Be Barry!